Listen as Grace goes to the West Coast this week and looks into Gastown infamous Spaghetti Factory, or as Grace likes to call it, Spagullie Factory. Beth returns to Niagara to find out who is “Sobbing Sophia” and what is her connection to the war 1812?

This week the ladies are joined by special guest Victoria. Beth discusses the mysterious disappearance of an underwater observatory.  Meanwhile, Grace looks into the 2017 UFO sightings in Canada. Has there been a surge of UFO sightings or are we more open to the unknown? Listen to find out. Is history or is haunted. 

Happy New Year! Grace looks into the Royal Conservatory of Music and shares first-hand accounts of ghostly apparitions and the nightmare of passing (or failing) the dreaded Grade 8 Music exam. Beth talks about E.L.F.E.N. the Canadian initiative to explore to Elementals such as Fairies, Gnomes, and Sprites from a North American perspective using a scientific approach. As a bonus reflect with us back on the early 2000s!

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Merry Krumpus. Grab a cup of hot coco and some yummy yuletide treats as Beth and Grace explore and create some new non Christmas traditions. Listen as Beth shares some alternatives to your usual Holiday film fare and Grace explores the darker and spookier side of Toronto's beautiful historic Distillery District.

Join us as Grace explores the darker side of the Hockey Hall of Fame and the resident ghost. Meanwhile, Beth dives into the long lasting legacy of the Mystery of Amherst & Esther Cox.

This week Beth looks at Calgary's internationally famous Deane House. Meanwhile, Grace introduces us to the three ghosts haunting the Inn on the Falls (Bracebridge, ON) Bob, Charlie, and Sarah. Is it haunted or is it history? You decide!

Grace looks into the famous Mackenzie House in downtown Toronto and if William still roam the halls. Beth explores the Port Garry Hotel and inquires about some visitors who might not have checked out.

This week Grace explores Ontario's allegedly most haunted cemetery. What do cemeteries have to do with chocolate? Meanwhile Beth gives a new take on Turkey and spooky holiday films. Keep listening to find out if it is haunted or is it history! 

This week, join Beth as she walks down Texas Rd. and find out which outlandish legend might be true. Grace explores Nova Scotia's most infamous haunted restaurants with EVPs and ghostly washrooms included.

We are super excited to have Patrick Keller from Big Seance Podcast on our show this week. Listen to Beth and Grace as they geek out with a fellow "paranerd" as they discuss ghosts, seances and favourite cocktails.

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