This week Grace explores Ontario's allegedly most haunted cemetery. What do cemeteries have to do with chocolate? Meanwhile Beth gives a new take on Turkey and spooky holiday films. Keep listening to find out if it is haunted or is it history! 

This week, join Beth as she walks down Texas Rd. and find out which outlandish legend might be true. Grace explores Nova Scotia's most infamous haunted restaurants with EVPs and ghostly washrooms included.

We are super excited to have Patrick Keller from Big Seance Podcast on our show this week. Listen to Beth and Grace as they geek out with a fellow "paranerd" as they discuss ghosts, seances and favourite cocktails.

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Join Beth as she looks into the infamous Marsh Point Ghost. What is the Lost Village of Mille Roches hiding and why? Listen as Beth try's to pronounce French names. Grace explores the wonderful and majestic mansion, of Willowbank in Queenston, ON. Does the ghost of Hannah Jarvis Hamilton still roam the grounds? Listen and find out if its history or is it haunted.

023 - Spook-a-versary

Happy Spook-a-versary. Join Beth and Grace as they go down memory lane as they discuss favourite stories, interviews and locations. What was your favourite Ep.? Remember to listen, rate and review.

And now for something completely different.......

This week we look at Canada's involvement in the MK Ultra project. Is there a phenomenon in the Great Lake area that is responsible for many shipwrecks and airplane disappearances? Also a bonus movie comment.

This week Rachel and Alison from The Paranormal Seekers join the show ! Listen in to hear about some of their most active investigates, favourite equipment and learn some great tips along the way! For more information visit:

Sail with Beth as she navigates the mysteries of the infamous Phantom Ship of the Northumberland Strait. Join Grace as she looks into the Jester's Court Pub in Port Perry Ontario. Is there really a portal mirror? Who are the two ladies said to be haunting the property? and what is the deal with ghost of a little girl? Why is it always a little that cheerios we smell. Join us and find out!

Join Grace and Beth as they explore the realm of ghosts, fairies & hags. Does a ghost or
something more sinister haunt Newfoundland's Bell Island?

On this episode Beth talks about Men In Black, Niagara Falls and the odd video that went viral. Listen as Grace investigates the one of the most well documented UFO sightings in history, Shag Harbour. Welcome to Scareberia.

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